What is VZ-7TIM?

VZ-7TIM by ViewZ is a small form factor monitor & camera device designed to check people’s temperature and detect whether they’re wearing a mask or not.

Its close proximity temperature reading technology means the temperature can easily be determined when a person gets within 2ft. in front of the device. If the temperature detected is higher than the set maximum temperature, the device will sound an audible message/warning and also send an alarm event notification to its CMS software via TCP/IP or to access control management software via Wiegand connection.

The built-in analytics capability detects if someone is not wearing a mask and will sound an audible message/warning demanding the person to put on a mask and will also send an alarm event notification to its CMS software or access control management much the same way as the high temperature would.


Face Recognition, Temperature Measurement, Mask Detection VZ-7TIM-S Monitor

Close proximity detection means you don’t have to push a button or touch anything to get your temperature checked and show that you’re wearing a mask.

If a person’s temperature is below the set threshold, an audible message (“Temperature normal”) will sound indicating normal temperature. If a person’s temperature is above the set threshold, an audible message (“Possible elevated temperature”) will sound indicating high temperature.


Mask wearing detection happens at the same time as the temperature check. Again, this is a close proximity detection, meaning there’s no need to push a button or touch anything.

As soon as VZ-7TIM detects that a person isn’t wearing a mask, it will sound an audible message saying “Please put on a mask”.


You can create a custom database of faces for positive identification upon temperature check & mask wearing detection. This is a great feature if you’re a business or an office with the same employees returning to work every day so that when a high temperature is detected, the specific ID of the person whose face is recognized will be logged with the alarm event.


VZ-7TIM has the Wiegand interface to be able to integrate with existing access control system and can support both WG-26 & WG-34.


VZ-7TIM comes with the complimentary CMS software that allows basic remote management of VZ-7TIMs over the network and also collects and displays detections and alarm events.

  • Detection & Alarm Events Display: Under the “Home Page” tab, you can display number of entries as well as alarm & detection events
  • Snap Shot Save Upon Detection: Once the folder is created, the CMS software will save snap shots from each connected device upon each detection (temperature, mask wearing and face recognition) automatically. Snap shots can later be retrieved from the said folder.
  • Face Database Upload: Database of faces can be uploaded for facial recognition feature to work on the VZ-7TIM devices that are connected to the software.


VZ-7TIM-S model can come equipped with a floor stand (VZ-7TIM-FS) or with a desktop/turnstile stand (VZ-7TIM-DS).


The VZ-7TIM-S’s temperature detection is designed to be 99% accurate with a margin of error at just ± 0.54°F


VZ-7TIM-S is IP 34 compliant, which means it’s water and dust proof.

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