HOUSTON, TEXAS - June, 2007 - Enterprise Systems Corporation announced today that Finger Furniture has selected Enterprise Systems to provide a solution for the Corporate offices in Sugarland, Texas and a rollout plan for opening 7 more stores this year. The core system in Sugarland, an Option 81C went through an upgrade and an expansion to accommodate the additional staff and networking trunks. All the other stores will have Nortel's latest CS1000S systems and the voice mail is centralized at the 81C site. All the new sites are prepared to take advantage of IP networking once the decision has been made to do so. This will greatly reduce the WAN expenses as there are today separate T1's for voice and data. An entire T1 will be able to be eliminated and the ROI becomes better with every site coming on line. Enterprise Systems was also selected to all voice and data wiring for every site. Because the stores will be promoting the latest Hi Definition and flat screen televisions the stores were wired for nearly 60 Cable connections throughout. Some of the larger stores required fiber and nearly all will be category 5e structured wiring. At the corporate office over 100,000 feet of copper was required and 1500 feet of fiber. The rollout has been impressive with the corporate office move in January to three of the seven stores up and running half way through the year.