Deliver enhanced healthcare with integrated and enhanced networking and communications.

Healthcare organizations need technology to not only enhance their service delivery but also to correctly identify a patient and deliver accurate medical aid to them. All these activities need to be done in a timely manner to ensure that patient’s needs are addressed immediately to guarantee the highest efficiency of healthcare services delivered.

At ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS we have a heritage of working in large healthcare systems environments. We design and deploy wired and wireless networking and asset tracking suited to the demanding environments unique to healthcare. We perform predicted and real time networking heat maps to ensure coverage in a hospital environment. We have deployed and maintain over 200,000 networking ports.

Advantages —

Reduced response times

With integrated communications, quick information sharing between different stakeholders (nurses, doctors etc.) is possible. This leads to a direct improvement in service delivery and patient care standards.

Mobile solutions

Intra-institution communication and equipment locating is enhanced.

Efficient healthcare management processes

Optimized healthcare management processes, improved operational efficiency and enhanced productivity.


With patient identity thefts rising, it is important to guarantee medical information security while allowing access to devices. Our specialists analyse and suggest the best security solutions based on established risk assessment procedures and mitigation analysis.

Efficient process re-enforcements

Process compliance is improved through efficient and timely reinforcement communications which lead to better patient communications and enhanced employee productivity.