HOUSTON, TEXAS – July 17, 2008 – It was announced that VIP/MyITGroup, Texas has selected Enterprise Systems Corporation to perform extensive upgrades to its voice communications and Local Area Network systems as well as migration to IP Telephony. Enterprise Systems will be upgrading the Houston office to a Nortel CS1000E to accommodate a disaster recovery plan and provide survivability to all locations. Today every remote office spanning the east to west coasts and the north and south borders are standalone, independent systems with no wide area connectivity to accommodate voice. Once the Sprint MPLS network is complete ESC will be installing Nortel SRG systems with local PRI interfaces and expanding the CallPilot voicemail to support centralized messaging. The CS1000E will also allow VIP to centralize their licensing and management. VIP has had to pay multiple vendors to serve their sites and due to multiple system types did not allow their own IT staff to make daily moves and changes. VIP will have the ability to handle these needs at all their locations. Furthermore, they will now have a 4 digit dial plan between all our locations and intra-office and other long distance will be eliminated. “Unifying our voice and data networks to Nortel will lower our network costs, our management costs and give us a short timeline for recovering our investment while improving our communications”, said Brad Hext, IT Director.

Complete and Printable Press Release: Press Release VIP July 2008