IoT or Internet of Things is the latest buzz word these days. Do you have any idea what it means? In simple words, it refers to a virtual internet connection from things, people, and more and more devices at home and at work.   Everything in our surrounding environment is allowed to communicate with each other without any human intervention. Internet of Things can definitely be beneficial in our daily lives.

Applications of Internet of Things IoT helps to increase the speed, productivity and proactive monitoring of products and services. With such great benefits, efficiencies will increase and savings will occur. Sensors will free-up personnel from monitoring tasks and enhance productivity. You  would no longer need to remember to turn off the oven after the cake is done. You would not need to switch on the lights when you enter a room. You would not have to worry if you forget to turn off the AC when you leave your house. Your home would do it for you.  IoT is aimed at automating our lives by improving efficiency. This technology monitors behavior with the help of motion sensors, facial recognition etc. It identifies and makes the required changes automatically to the lighting or temperature of a home.

Cradlepoint products can help in development of internet of things.  Cradlepoint’s product line includes:

4g LTE Routers

This helps to secure companies’ networking over 3G, 4g, /LTE delivers the highest possible wireless performance. Cradlepoint’s easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solutions harness the power and simplicity of the cloud with a wide range of options and customizable configurations ensure an optimal fit for any organization.

Remote Router Management with Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM)

  • Zero-touch deployment
  • One-click firmware upgrades
  • Remotely configure individual and groups of
  • routers
  • View 3G/4G statistics for data usage, signal
  • strength and uptime
  • Create alerts based on usage, connection,
  • config, security and more

Cloud-based Security Applications

With profits, privacy, and reputation at stake, security is business critical. Cradlepoint devices and software offer best-in-breed solutions for all types of security architectures.

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By the end of 2020, we can expect about $2 trillion of economic benefit from connected devices. These devices will be in products like jet engines, vending machines, and other appliances. Internet of Things will have a huge impact on digital businesses also as it will facilitate new business models and improve efficiency at the same time. Currently, IoT technologies and business models that support IoT are quite immature. However, they are used across a wide range of industries. Enterprises and organizations all over the world should make plans and preparations to utilize IoT and get the maximum benefit from it.


Information Technology has many security considerations and in the same manner, IoT faces unique security challenges. Addressing these issues is a must. Users are bound to trust IoT devices and related data collection services as they are integrated in our daily lives. As the data us exposed to the IoT devices and applications, there are great chances of theft or data breaches. Organizations all over the world are looking for new ways to overcome this concern.

Wrap Up

IoT comes with various challenges, but the main idea is to overcome these issues and make full use of this technology to simplify our daily lives.