StorageCraft® OneXafe® is a converged data platform that unifies enterprise-class data protection with scale-out storage in an easy-to-use, configurable solution. For businesses looking to protect and manage their data in heterogeneous environments, OneXafe eliminates complexity and provides flexible deployment to accommodate various workload requirements. At the same time, it significantly reduces costs associated with primary and secondary storage as well as data protection software. By providing a converged solution, OneXafe removes the need for siloed point solutions and minimizes costs incurred from standalone hardware and software offerings. At the core of OneXafe is a patented distributed object-based file system that delivers universal data access by providing NFS and SMB access to users and applications. Data protection services are directly integrated into the distributed object store, delivering powerful backup and recovery, with a work flow optimized for simplified management. OneXafe tightly integrates with StorageCraft Cloud Services, with a single click it provides business continuity of data, network, and application recovery in StorageCraft’s Cloud. There are a number of configurable options available within OneXafe, from primary storage, to secondary storage, to enterprise-class data protection combined with secondary storage. It is seamlessly administered with OneSystem, our simple, intuitive, yet powerful management service. OneXafe enables ease of implementation for both powerful data protection and optimum scale-out storage.

OneXafe includes a multi-purpose storage appliance that can be configured based on your business needs.

– Converged Secondary: Enterprise-class data protection enabled and configured with secondary storage, reducing management complexity and operational costs.

– High Performance Storage: Scalable storage for high performance unstructured data and backup targets. Can be configured to serve primary storage for virtual workloads, unstructured data, or secondary storage with high performance needs.

– Capacity Storage: Scalable storage for large scale unstructured data and backup targets. Can be configured to serve as secondary storage for your backup needs.

In the case of disaster, OneXafe ensures business continuity with a complete, orchestrated virtual failover to the cloud in one click, when used with our Cloud Services. OneXafe’s tight integration with the cloud makes recovery of the entire infrastructure simple, quick, and seamless, while offering the highest service level agreements (SLAs) with one throat to choke.

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