Recover Your Data with StorageCraft OneXafe Continuous Immutable Snapshots

Ransomware threats continue to evolve and infect businesses, government, power companies, education and even hospitals. In 2018, an estimated $8 Billion in ransom was paid to anonymous attackers. The statistics are shocking, ransomware attacks on businesses are up 365% from Q2 2018 to Q2 20192. They are becoming more targeted, sophisticated, and successful at penetration. Unfortunately, many ransomware attacks continue to infiltrate despite the use of state-of-the-art prevention methods. In fact, 77% of organizations infected with ransomware were running up-to-date endpoint protection.

Ransomware can encrypt your files making it impossible to use them. The malware may lay dormant for weeks and may even delete your backups prior to the attack leaving you without a way to recover and forcing you to pay or lose your data.

StorageCraft OneXafe Continuous Immutable Snapshots to the Rescue

StorageCraft OneXafe storage protects your data with continuous immutable snapshots, every 90 seconds, so you’ll never have to worry again. An immutable snapshot is a copy of your data that simply cannot be overwritten or deleted by ransomware or users, because OneXafe and its patented distributed object store prevent that from happening. You can recover anytime, every time, making OneXafe the most effective protection in the market. Furthermore, OneXafe performs powerful inline deduplication on the continuous snapshots, reducing the data footprint.

Storage vendors claim their snapshots are immutable because it is simply read-only and cannot be changed. However this doesn’t protect the snapshot from being deleted or the snapshot volume from filling up. If your snapshots can be deleted and/or modified, are they truly immutable?

Enterprise Systems Corporation has the expertise to implement the StorageCraft OneXafe solution so you never have to worry again about ransomware.  Contact us today for more information.