Today’s Cyber Threat Landscape requires an Enterprise Cyber Security Strategy that is multi-layered to provide protection from your network’s edge to the core. In addition to our Fortinet Cyber security partnership, our Cyber Security portfolio enables us to help you identify exploited corporate user credentials, lock down your endpoints with AV/AM software, manage passwords, protect mobile users and even protect the data itself with ransomware –proof data storage. Many of these security solutions are available as on premise or 24×7 managed services.

State and Local Government agencies, Higher Ed and K12 can acquire many of these products and services through our Texas DIR (*), TIPS (**) and BuyBoard Commodity Contracts. Our Cyber Security portfolio includes:

Dedicated Managed Security Services

DarkWeb ID – Dark Web Monitoring Services (**)

Security Services

This award-winning service combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to proactively monitor the dark Web, 24×7, for an organization’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data. It quickly alerts you to exploited data so that you can quickly act to remediate current passwords or delete old passwords still connected.to your supply chain and helps meet data governance reporting requirements. Additional services are available for employee anti-phishing training and synthetic phishing attacks to test employee awareness and adoption of anti-phishing policies.

Alert Logic Security Operations Monitoring Services (**)

Alert Logic’s 24×7 SOC provides SIEM, Security Operations Center and Governance services as a service. Its technicians continually monitor your network for vulnerabilities, correlate logs for incident root cause definition and guide your team in problem remediation. In addition, it provides your staff with vital reports to prove your companies compliance with the key government regulations applicable to your company.

Endpoint Security Products

PC Matic Pro Endpoint Suite (**)

Traditional blacklist based endpoint protection depends upon identified threat list and threat signatures. This makes your network vulnerable to new Day Zero cyber threats that have not been identified and protections published. PC Matic Pro Endpoint Suite uses a unique whitelist technology to blocks all unwanted and unsafe programs from executing, keeping your endpoints safer and more reliable. Its SuperShield feature uses advanced heuristics to prevent script-based attacks from leveraging known good windows scripting hosts. Built-in features patch management and driver updates assure the latest application protection against vulnerabilities and keep endpoints running at peak performance to prevent a loss in efficiency.

TrendMicro Endpoint Security Products (**)

Endpoint Security

In an evolving technological landscape, you need security that goes beyond traditional antivirus. Trend Micro Apex One™ protection offers advanced automated threat detection and response against an ever-growing variety of threats, including fileless and ransomware. Its cross-generational blend of modern techniques provides highly tuned endpoint protection that maximizes performance and protection effectiveness. It offers threat detection, response, and investigation within a single agent to eliminate multiple vendors and consoles and gain deployment flexibility through both SaaS and on-premises deployment options.

Password Management Tools

Thycotic Secret Server (*, **)

Discover, manage, protect, and audit privileged account access across your organization. As cyber threats continue to increase in volume and sophistication, effective and agile, Privileged Account Management (PAM) has become mission-critical for organizations of every size. Now you can adopt an aggressive privileged account security posture with Secret Server, our enterprise-grade PAM solution available both on premise and in the cloud. Empower your security and IT ops teams to secure and manage all types of privileged accounts quickly and easily.

Thycotic Privilege Manager (*, **)

86% of breaches involve compromised endpoints. They are the most common entry point for threats and your largest attack surface. Companies spend billions on cyber security, yet hackers and disgruntled employees continue breaching systems. Thycotic’s Privilege Manager empowers you to implement a least privilege security posture and implement application control on endpoints, minimizing risks caused by cyber attacks – without disrupting end-users. The executables for unapproved applications, including ransomware and other malware are blocked from operating because they are not listed as approved application son your managed endpoints.

Thycotic Account LifeCycle Manager – Service Account Governance (*, **)

Service accounts abound in every organization and failure to manage them leads to significant risk. These specialized non-human accounts are used by applications or other services to access data and network resources for specific tasks. Because of their “set it and forget it” operation and limited human interaction, service accounts often fly under IT’s radar and rarely get inventoried and controlled. This lack of governance makes service accounts the ideal target for cyber criminals. Thycotic’s Account Lifecycle Manager enables service account governance by automating the lifecycle of service accounts, from workflow-based provisioning to account decommissioning.

Thycotic DevOps Secrets Management (*, **)

Rapid, iterative DevOps workflows often expose many security vulnerabilities directly tied to privilege management. Every container, server, and application can have privileged access, dramatically expanding the attack surface for intruders looking for an entry point, and the growth of robotic process automation (RPA) further expands those entry points. It’s difficult to balance high-speed, dynamic DevOps practices and RPA deployments with necessary security policies. Thycotic’s DevOps Secrets Vault automates secrets management to provide DevOps teams the speed and agility needed to stay productive without sacrificing security.

WatchGuard Authpoint Multifactor Authentication (*, **)

WatchGuard’s AuthPoint service is the right solution at the right time to provide effective authentication on an easy-to-use Cloud platform. MFA provides the strongest approach to user identification – requiring users to supply information they know, with information provided on something they have, to positively identify a specific person. With a simple push notification, the AuthPoint mobile app makes each login attempt visible, allowing the user to accept or block access right from their smartphone.

WatchGuard DNSWatchGo -DNS-Level Protection for Users on the Go (*,**)

Whether working from a home office, coffee shop, or conference hotel room, the modern employee relishes the opportunity to be productive where they feel most comfortable. Today, three-quarters of global employees work remotely at least one day a week. As a result, more and more of your business is being conducted off-network, and outside of your traditional security tools. WatchGuard DNSWatchGO provides DNS-level protection and content filtering that keeps your business safe from phishing, ransomware, and other attacks even when your user is outside of the network, without requiring a VPN.

StorageCraft ShadowProtect – Server Replication Software (**)

Like disasters, IT environments are anything but standard. That’s why businesses need a single cross-platform solution that protects a mixed, hybrid environment. ShadowProtect® backup and disaster recovery software ensures on-prem business systems and data are fully protected and always available. ShadowProtect enables you to meet or beat your recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs and RPOs). In the event of a server failure or ransomware infection, ShadowProtect enables you to restore server files and folders in minutes by using its patented VirtualBoot technology to instantly boot a backup image into a virtual machine and continue working in a matter of minutes. Then when healthy server hardware is available, ShadowProtect facilitates a bare metal restoration.
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